Profound Learning Institute

Profound Learning Institute is comprised of leading educators, technologists, brain researchers and institutions who are passionate about developing cost effective solutions that help propel schools into the 21st century.

The PLi ecosystem represents a true breakthrough for schools around the world.

Let's stop the blame game!

At the Profound Learning Institute we recognize educators are not the problem.

We understand that educators are tired and frustrated at having to work in a dysfunctional system that is causing high levels of stress and dissatisfaction for all involved.

We recognize that educators want to work within a system where they are seen as who they really are: noble, highly motivated, competent, creative, passionate, caring, and professional individuals.

The REAL Problem

The world is undergoing massive change.

Profound Learning Institute has recognized the real problem with the education system….. is the system itself. The real problem is about how de we engage in real system transformation.

Profound Learning

Profound Learning develops students to be FUTURE READY, enabled to do what they love and are passionate about life.

Profound Learning is a move from a factory model education system to an individualized learning ecosystem enabling all students and teachers to attain excellence.

Proven Approach

Profound Learning principles have been implemented in schools throughout the world. These schools have become models of academic excellence.

More importantly the students and teachers in these schools have experienced increased levels of joy, self-reliance, creativity, and innovation allowing each to develop and pursue their own deeply held vision for a meaningful future.

Learning Ecosystem

We have developed a complete learning ecosystem called Profound Learning. This system of learning uses the latest neurological and genetic research combined with new emerging web and computer technologies, a groundbreaking student learning management systems all integrated into a 21st century learning model which not only solves the problems of today and tomorrow, but releases more joy and brilliance in our teachers and students.

The Profound Learning ecosystem includes

  • the latest brain research
  • patented web-based learning technologies
  • groundbreaking student learning orchestration system
  • a comprehensive professional development program
  • the iCubed Profound Learning model
  • a global knowledge network and marketplace
  • plus more

What's the REAL Problem With Education?

World of Massive Change

We are living in the time unlike any time in history. We are living in a World of Massive Change, and the rate of change is only increasing. We are seeing breakthroughs in the fields of nanotechnologies, biogenetics, information technologies, and medicine to name a few. Life expectancy continues to rise with some experts predicting that children born today will live well past 100 years old.

In the World of Massive Change, one of the more obvious changes we see today is the shift of jobs to countries that have a cheaper labor force. This shift will continue to some degree, but ultimately will reverse itself as we develop a more advanced labor force and automated technologies.

Who will not only survive, but thrive in the World of Massive Change, it will be those that can innovate and create new businesses, services and products that are driving the creative economy.

Are schools preparing students for the World of Massive Change! NO! We need a REAL solution that addresses the REAL problem in education.

What's the REAL problem with education, NOTHING, if we were living in the 1950's or 60's. The current system is doing exactly what it was designed to do, which is to produce workers for the industrial age who would conform, comply and meet standards.

We are now living in the creative age where the ability to innovate, create and design are the most sought after attributes. So much focus has been on trying to fix or improve Industrial age model of education with the focus on raising tests scores. The output of the current system is due to its obsolescence, what else would you expect from an assembly line system that makes quality of learning flexible and the time to learn rigid.

We need a fresh bold vision for the system of education and not just treating symptoms of an obsolete system, which is analogous to moving the chairs on the Titanic.

What’s The Real Problem with Education?

Then what is the REAL problem with education? The real problem arises when you have a compelling VISION for a NEW system of education. The problem is created by the gap between your CURRENT REALITY and your VISION for the FUTURE. For this to occur you need a bold new VISION of a system that is significantly different that our current industrial age system that will prepare students with FUTURE READY skills essential for thriving in the World of Massive Change. Secondly, you need a process for system transformation that can handle the complexities of the system.

Envisioning a different future is very difficult for most educators, parents or politicians since the existing paradigm is so strongly entrenched in their thinking. When most adults think of education they think of their own experience, and if it worked for me, then it should work for our children, it just needs a lot of tweaking. And this is why most attempts to reform education have failed, in that we are treating symptoms of the system as problems and not recognizing that the system is obsolete. It is like trying to improve an electric typewriter, when the world has moved to digital word processing and publishing.

Cynicism is prevalent due to the many failed attempts in reforming education by addressing symptoms and not the REAL problem.

Again, the REAL problem can only be understood when you have a VISION for a new system of education. The problem is, what systemic changes need to be implemented that will bring us closer to our VISION. This takes us out of the blame game and into the business of system transformation.

We recognize that the current industrial age factory assembly line system is obsolete and must be replaced. In understanding Edward Deming's Theory on Variation, it is the system that is the primary cause of the variation and not the people. The industrial age model exists since this is the only way we were able to manage large groups of student learning. The output of the system is due largely to how the system processes the learning of students.


Tom Rudmik

Tom Rudmik, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tom Rudmik, an educator and entrepreneur, is the founder of Master's Academy and College. Tom is passionate about implementing REAL change and he is committed to the research and development of breakthroughs in learning and sharing them with the world.

Tom Rudmik, an international speaker, has instructed and guided organizations confronting issues of improved performance and change. He has created an innovative and powerful organizational change model – the iCubed Organization. Tom has authored the Future by Design program titled, " Five Keys for Unlocking the iCubed Life, the Visionary Entrepreneurial Spirit in Everyone". He has facilitated many companies, school districts, universities and national associations through the design process.

Andy Rudmik

Dr. Andy Rudmik, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dr. Andy Rudmik's overall responsibility for the R&D of PLi's software solutions. Andy's strengths are envisioning and planning for the future to have systems in place when the market timing is right for those systems. This ability to see the future has put PLi in the forefront of the product innovation curve.

Previously, at Modus Operandi (MO), Andy was the Sr VP/Chief Scientist and Principal Investigator on a number of state-of-the-art research projects with various government laboratories. His research interests included distributed systems, system modeling and object-based software development.